• Pergolas, Arches, Fencing, Sleepers & Decking

  • Garden arches are a versatile way to add height and interest to your garden. Whether you want to use them as an elegant gateway, linking one area to another or against a wall or a hedge to frame a feature i.e. an urn, a statue or a fountain our arches provide you with everything you need.

    Not only this, we also provide arches that are a decorative way of supporting plants and making your outdoor space look beautiful at all times.

    Garden Pergolas are a great way to create a feature in your outdoor living space.  Pergolas are very versatile and could be used as a dining area or to create a secluded hideway.

    Fence Panels area a great way to create privacy in your garden or outdoor space. Fences traditionally come in wood and in a wide range of styles. Fence panels are easy to erect and are highly practical, especially if you have pets or need to mark out the boundaries of your home.

    Sleepers are a great way for creating raised beds and retaining walls.

    • Pergolas, trellis, arches supplied and installed as part of garden project
    • Various fence types – straight board, capping rail, fence panels concrete posts/gravel boards
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