• Patio Installation Fife

  • Most patios are installed in rear gardens which can mean restricted access at the side of house. Some installations are accessible only through the garage or occasionally the only access is through the house. We therefore try our best to minimise disruption and mess caused by large quantities of materials passing through these enclosed spaces and take every care possible with customer’s property.

    Many people believe there is not any or little preparation required in laying a patio except to clear away any unwanted old paving and laying the new one. This is not strictly true, although a patio is not being driven on, it does still require a sub-base or it will eventually move and sink in much the same way as a badly prepared driveway.

    All paving slabs require to be laid on a full mortar bed and pointing applied between the joints. Patio paving is best pointed with a jointing compound, a flexible compound designed to last longer than a traditional mortar mix.

    • Ground excavated and prepared using suitable sub-base
    • All slabs installed on a wet mortar mix with joints pointed using either a jointing compound or a cement/sand mix
    • Slabs can be supplied from local merchant
    • All types of slabs/flags used including natural paving, Indian slate or concrete slabs
    • Borders and edging used where required
    • Shapes & sizes to suit needs of customer
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